"A window on another world- not a tour"

Most people visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Samui. Fortunately for us that leaves the rest of Thailand relatively untouched. With over 15 years of experience, 3 international awards within our group of comapnies and a wealth of local knowledge we have selected Mae Hong Son which still has over 70% natural forest & the raditional culture of the Karen and Shan People. Surat Thani for its world class rainforest and mountain scenery and Phang Nga with its superb islands, beaches and mangrove forests as destinations for our " exotic tropical journeys"

You can not only see but touch, smell and really feel the mystery of the Orient as you journey with us into a world few others will ever know or experience the real natural Thailand far away from the crowds.

Conservation of nature and traditional culture is of the utmost importance for the future. Our company supports reduce, re-use, re-cycle policies. We encourage people to support our projects, to assist elephant conservation, underprivileged children at local schools and conservation awereness programs for students where we operate.

Far East & Oriental is a fusion of Thai and English shareholders with many years of experience of the travel business and adventure tours. Far East &Oriental is developing new exclusive products and will expand into Indochina in the future.


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"Exotic Tropical Journeys in Thailand"
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